Facilitating transformation through experiential learning

VisionTabor College students travel to Bolivia during Interterm

The Carson Center for Global Engagement exists to facilitate the transformation of participants into global disciples of Christ that have embarked on a lifelong journey of Global Engagement and Learning.

Global Learning

Here at the Carson Center, we create and provide programs that serve the mission of Tabor College at sites in the United States and abroad. These programs are characterized by the integration of faith and learning through experiential education.

As part of the college experience, students must earn Intercultural Awareness Experience (IAE) credit. Why not meet this graduation requirement by going on one of our many global learning trips?

From Haiti to India to Western Europe, the Carson Center for Global Education has a trip for you!

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Global Engagement Trips

Tabor’s Interterm offers a variety of yearly global learning trips that can meet any student’s interests. Each presents different opportunities for students to engage in the world off Tabor’s campus. 2023-24 trips are now open.

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Trip Scholarship Application

Learn about the availability of Trip Scholarships from the Carson Center.


Semester Abroad Opportunities

In addition to short-term trips, students can study over the course of a semester with programs offered by the CCCU and other Tabor partner institutions.

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Global Engagement Concentration

A tangible skill validation to Tabor’s core vision for a globally relevant education.

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Carson Center Fellowship

Learn about this unique leadership program for developing a new generation of Jesus followers that engage in His transformational presence on and off the Tabor campus.

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History of the Carson Center for Global Engagement

The Carson Center for Global Engagement began in 2006 with a generous donation from the Carson Mennonite Brethren Church.

Our History